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Welcome everyone!
I sell items on storenvy and do group orders!

Please don't hesitate to send me an ask/e-mail at soratique@gmail.com !

Feb 28 is the last day for group order #1!

GROUP ORDER #2: opens March 1st DEADLINE: April 15

dreamation.storenvy.com is my online store!

Another box for the last group order *deadline June 20th that was held will be arriving in a few days. After this box the 3rd box will be arriving which will complete all of the orders for June 20th group order. Expect some of your orders being marked as shipped.
Thank you for your patience.


I’m still here 8-)
I have been very busy though especially since there are a lot of orders to go through
Expect boxes throughout/later this month to get to me


For anyone concerned about their order please email me at soratique@gmail.com because sometimes I don’t get ask notifications


Also The current group order’s deadline will be June 20th! 


Currently waiting for my other box! Hopefully I get to pay for shipping to me today! Sorry for the wait guys! 

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